Redefining how products are purchased and interacted with.

Our company

Our company

At FRAEND, we believe that individuals should be in control of what they see and what they own.

Our mission is to establish an interactive environment, where users can share values and information, in order to create value and opportunities.

1,200 brands

The FRAEND platform features products from a broad variety of brands, designers and individual manufacturers.

45k+ products

More than 45,000 articles are listed on the platform and every single user product feed is different.


It is spelled \ ‘frend \ like “friend” and the letter “A” refers to the terms “augmented” and “artificial”.


Founded by Julius Jacobi and Claudemiro Feitosa. FRAEND is headquartered in the sunny and ever-evolving Berlin, Germany.

The core values that guide us



Our communication is dynamic, candid and constructive, in order to build a platform of trust and integrity.



We aim for a worldwide community connected by taste, interest and product. Global interaction supports us to be better together than we are on our own.



We strive to create meaningful interactions and consumer relationships - We take care of you so that you can take care of others.



Everyone on our platform should feel safe and secure in a harmonic environment driven by information, not differentiation.

We combine retail and software development experience

We now live in a connected consumer world. After two centuries of offline retail and more than two decades of e-commerce, retail has shifted into a different era.

With the uprise of social media and a growing global inter- connectivity, we set out to develop a solution that would create a seamless and personal e-commerce for everyone.

Who we are

Julius Jacobi

CEO & Co-Founder

Julius holds a Master of Arts in Fashion design from the University of the Arts in Berlin and co-founded an online gallery during his Bachelor degree.

After his studies, Julius followed his family history in the retail apparel industry. He took over and reshaped the brand MARIA JACOBI. While building up the brand’s e-commerce, he developed the idea for a social online shopping experience. He set out to develop a ground-breaking solution that would reshape the way in which products are consumed and collectively interacted with.

Claudemiro Feitosa

CTO & Co-Founder

Claudemiro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the CEUT in Teresina, Brazil. With a great passion for software development, Claudemiro has been building products ranging from penny-auction websites to real-time backend software from an early age.

After working as a Senior Software Engineer for both GuiaBolso and Onefootball, he moved to HelloFresh as an Engineering Manager. With 10+ years of experience and a product-first mindset, Claudemiro is now leading the engineering at FRAEND.

A safe solution with a sustainable global impact

Our platform follows the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have taken extensive care in regard to data privacy.

Your data is hosted on a secure server infrastructure in your home country. We follow the German data protection law and comply to all regulatory frameworks.

FRAEND offers merchants a simple integration through a single code script. Our service has no impact on the technical performance of any online store and can be into all major shop systems.